MSABC Launches Social-Media Campaign

Well, we’ve finally done it. We’ve joined the ranks of you, the swimmers, and have launched a suite of social media tools to stay in touch. And we aim to use them. We’ve also designed a new website. Yup, after several years, we thought it was time for a change.

Here’s the skinny on our new digital world:

The MSABC website is available at You can also reach it at any time by clicking on Visit the MSABC Website on the top right of this page.

The site will be used to provide you with information on upcoming swim-meets, records and other Masters Swimming information. We encourage you to pass the address on to non-members so they can learn more about our favorite pastime.

The MSABC Facebook Group is a closed group and is available to MSABC members only. If you have an account and are not yet a member go here and click on join group. We can then verify your account and let you in.

If you are already a member of our Facebook Group go here to connect with other swimmers.

Our Facebook page will be used to encourage social interaction amongst our members. We encourage you to post questions, thoughts and your swimming achievements.

The MSABC Twitter feed is available at You can access it from this page (and our website) by clicking on the t on the top right of the page.

Our Twitter feed will be used to announce upcoming events, swimmer achievements, and more!

The MSABC Newsletter, a.k.a our wordpress blog, is what you are reading right now. You can access it from our website by clicking on the radio button on the top right of the page or by visiting (That’s our newsletter address)

Our Newsletter will be used to keep you, the swimmer, informed about all things Masters Swimming. So please sign-up by entering your e-mail address in the box on the right of the page and clicking on follow.


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