2013 Stan Powell Memorial Service Award Recipient

The Stan Powell Memorial Service Award goes to a person who has contributed to the betterment of Masters Swimming in British Columbia

Stan was both a both an athlete and coach, participating in and coaching sport his entire life. He was personally involved with basketball baseball, wat,er polo, swimming. He gave so freely of his time by volunteering for sport.

He believed that we should give back to the community that has given to us.

Stan passed away November 1999. In his honor his family established his memorial award asking that it go to a person that has contributed to the betterment of Masters Swimming in British Columbia.

This years recipient of the Stan Powell Memorial Service Award is Karen Tannas.

Just over 20 years ago Karen saw a need for an event in her own community. She understood that sporting events are a great way to bring a community of people together. She recognized the importance of making sport fun for everyone and instinctively new that fun can be used to increase participation.

For those who know Karen, you may have seen her swimming in the Okanagan Lake, or more recently across the Strait of Georgia with a group of friends. For Karen, there is no better way to celebrate swimming and enjoy one another’s company than by having an open-water swim event.

From Karen’s passion and her love of community came the idea for the Thetis Lake swim which over time grew into the Thetis Lake Swim for MS.

Karen’s contribution as founder and lead organizer has resulted in an event that has lasted over 20 years, sees over 100 swimmers annually and has raised over $300,000 for Multiple Sclerosis. Ironically, because of the tremendous success of the event Karen has not been able to satisfy her open water passion as she has been too busy organizing to participate in the swim.

Karen has volunteered hundreds of hours of her own time tapping into her community of family and friends to make the event a success. She has gone without summer vacations and sacrificed time with those closest to her in order to see the event through each year.

It is with honor that we add Karen’s name to the list of our other great community heroes that have helped keep our sport exciting and alive in British Columbia.


One Comment on “2013 Stan Powell Memorial Service Award Recipient”

  1. Jennifer Leach-Trask says:

    Congratulations Karen! I am delighted that that you have been recognized for your many years of organizing and volunteer efforts with the Thetis Lake Swim for MS. You are truly deserving. Hope to see you in the Okanagan this summer . Jennifer Leach-Trask

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