2013 Ted Simpson Achievement Award Recipient

The Ted Simpson Achievement Award goes to the registered MSABC Masters Swimmer who has achieved distinguished results in the current year swim season.

Results from Worlds, Nationals, Provincials, and local meets, improvement in personal best times, overcoming injury, illness and/or disability will be considered for this award.

This award is presented in memory of Ted Simpson, a valued coach of the Vancouver Y Torpedoes from 1960 – 67 and in later years, a Masters swimmers coach.

Ted made swimming fun and made swimmers feel good about themselves. He was interested in all who came under his tutelage. As Ted valued achievement in all forms, this award is a fitting memorial to Ted and how he lived his life.

This years recipient of the Ted Simpson Achievement Award is Rosemary Kelsall.

A devoted mom, coach, community member and athlete, Rosemary lives in Revelstoke where she works as a medical doctor. With everything else going on in her life she manages to put her time in at workouts and perform well at all of our meets.

Rosemary has not let the challenges of traveling, parenting, working and volunteering get in the way of achieving personal bests. She is a solid swimmer who places well. She is hardworking, focused, determined and giving. At the 2012 US Nationals, she was a leader for the BC swimmers continuously cheering and filming everyone. She won gold medals in both the 100 Breaststroke and 100 Backstroke races.

It is with honor that we add Rosemary’s name to the list of our other outstanding swimmers that have helped keep our sport exciting and alive in British Columbia.

2 Comments on “2013 Ted Simpson Achievement Award Recipient”

  1. Lis says:

    What a wonderful choice for this award.
    Lis Farrell

  2. Gary Hurry says:

    Nice going Rosemary!
    Gary Hurry

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