2013 President’s Award

The President’s Award is given at the discretion of the MSABC President. It is not awarded annually. It is meant to recognize an extraordinary individual in the Masters’ swimming community.

This year, MSABC would like to recognize an individual who we believe has enriched our community by brining us together in a hard-working fun filled kind of way.

This year MSABC would like to recognize Dale Robinson with the President’s Award.

If you were one of the lucky 30 or so people who jumped into an outdoor pool twice a day for a week in Maui and swam somewhere around 50 kilometers during that time – you understand exactly why this individual has been chosen. The magic here was not just that he made swimming 50 kilometers fun, it was also that he created an opportunity for a group of people to immerse themselves in the culture of swimming.

And then when he was done, he furthered his commitment to Masters swimming by donating a significant portion of the proceeds from the week to the Masters Swimming community by increasing MSABC’s endowment with the Vancouver Foundation.

Mahalo Dale!


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