Swimmer Quickies!

Quickie 1 – Swimmers Wanted for Awards

Swimmers wanted for MSABC Awards. This year we though we would collect names throughout the year, so if you know of someone who you think is deserving of one of our awards please let our president know.

Quickie 2 – MSC Elections

Masters Swim Canada is holding their annual elections. Swimmers from across Canada are vying for a limited number of seats on the Board of Directors. This year we have 2 volunteers from British Columbia who have stepped up to the plate on behalf of BC’s Masters swim community, but if you want your them on the board they need our vote. Voting information has been sent to your club Registrar in order that clubs can vote. If your club needs help contact Registrar@msabc.ca

Quickie 3 – Provincial Championship Sponsors

Our Provincial Championships will be held in Kelowna at the H20 Adventure Centre next year between April 24 and April 27. If you haven’t had a chance to swim at H2O pool yet be sure to sign-up when we get closer to the date, it’s a fabulous facility. And if you have any leads on sponsorship or door prizes please pass them along to Okanagan Masters .

Quickie 4 – Outdoor swimming
Less than 10 spots left for Infinity’s March Swim Camp. Sign-up now if you like swimming in the sun!