83 reasons why you swim…in no particular order.

  1. Because it’s the best way to stay healthy
  2. Mental Health
  3. So I can eat more chocolate
  4. Nice packages
  5. My social life
  6. Physical health
  7. Fun competition
  8. Great people
  9. Connects me to my youth
  10. The friendship
  11. I swim for my health, friendship. I enjoy swimming, it is a great motivator. I can always get better.
  12. I love swimming because I love the feeling of tranquility that the water gives me.
  13. Love to swim for fun, fitness, companionship, sexy bodies and ages 20 to 100 are welcome. It’s really amazing that people swim all their life!!
  14. I swim because the people I meet are great!
  15. Exercise
  16. Hang around with awesome people.
  17. It allows me a day off work for national competition!
  18. There are some fantastic looking bodies wondering the deck.
  19. Shaving point two off of a PB.
  20. Two kinds of swimmers. Masters swimmers are women. Men not. What can I say.
  21. I love winning!
  22. Lifeguards are cute.
  23. Because it’s the next best thing to flying : )
  24. Challenges me like no other sport does.
  25. Social and hang out.
  26. I like to swim to keep me fit and I love it!
  27. Keep me young at heart even as I slow with age.
  28. Khosro
  29. I like the feeling of power in the water.
  30. I swim to keep up with younger people.
  31. To leave the artic.
  32. Keep our brains working.
  33. The feeling of freedom.
  34. I just love to be in the water.
  35. I like to swim where everybody knows your name!
  36. I get to check out the guys in their speedos.
  37. I love swimming because it gives me something to whine about.
  38. It’s a great stress relief… the work day gets washed away 🙂
  39. To keep sane.
  40. I swim because it’s fun.
  41. I love being on a team again like I was as a kid.
  42. Challenge, friendships, fitness and self-improvement.
  43. It allows me to eat more!
  44. It’s a softer admosphere (less gravity)
  45. I love the water. I love the people. Great coach. Great time!
  46. Fit men in skimpy suits.
  47. Place of comfort and in shape.
  48. Speedos, people, fun.
  49. The smiles after the race.
  50. I use it for a great therapy for my cracked left knee. 7 months ago I had an accident.
  51. It’s a good excuse to enjoy a cold beer!
  52. Friendship
  53. Fun, fitness, reaching goals, meeting people : )
  54. Fun
  55. THRILL of being on the blocks.
  56. Because I love the smell of chlorine!
  57. Stay active.
  58. Challenge
  59. To see friends.
  60. To fulfil a childhood dream of swimming the English Channel in 2013.
  61. For the fun and fitness and friends.
  62. Clear my head. Inspiration from swimmers 80+
  63. To raise funds for a good cause.
  64. To keep smart!
  65. Fun, fitness and many friends and to keep in good shape.
  66. I swim for friendship and fun.
  67. Fun
  68. The company is diverse and fun … we’re all in it for our own reasons.
  69. It feels good all day after a swim AND I LOVE TO RACE!
  70. To slow down my aging.
  71. Health
  72. To challenge myself to learn new skills.
  73. I swim for fitness and the social contact with other swimmers.
  74. Comradery
  75. It is a refreshing experience.
  76. I swim because it’s very healthy a fun with the masters.
  77. I like to swim because it keeps me healthy and I forget all my worries.
  78. To swim better.
  79. So that I will drink less on week nights!
  80. I love to swim for fitness and fun.
  81. Keep me in shape, healthy and meet people. It completes me as a person.
  82. I am destined to reach 90+ and want to enjoy every year along the way.
  83. When you have been doing it for 80 years it seems natural.

One Comment on “83 reasons why you swim…in no particular order.”

  1. susan huber says:

    I like to swim because I can never master it- it an art that challenges me all the time.

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