Morven Inglis inspires me!

The motto for Masters Swimming is Fun Fitness and Friendship for Life. If you add Determination and Tenacity, you would have the traits of the swimmer who most inspires me, Morven Inglis.

Morven has been swimming with Victoria Masters Swim Club since the beginning days, back in the 80’s. She has been on the board many times and is an integral member of Victoria Masters both as a swimmer and a volunteer. She almost never misses a workout and is usually the first in the water and the last out.

Fun. I have been a lane mate of Morven’s for many years. She is fun to swim with. She works very hard but always has an encouraging word at the wall, even if it’s just to gasp “we’re half-way there”. Morven loves a good party and Victoria Masters can throw one. Morven can always be seen circulating among the crowd making sure everyone is having a good time.

Fitness. Morven’s lifestyle is a commitment to fitness. She has swum through hip and knee replacements and deals with the pain of arthritis in every workout. When she’s not in the pool, you can find her stretching or doing weights or helping a ‘public’ swimmer improve their stroke.

Friendship. We have a big club. It’s hard to get to know people in the other lanes. But not for Morven. This is where she shines most. She is a one-woman welcoming committee. I think she is probably the only swimmer in our club who knows everyone’s name. She makes a point of welcoming new swimmers and getting to know her fellow teammates, in all the lanes, better.

Determination and Tenacity. As I mentioned, Morven has swum through adversity. Her determination not to let her joint issues keep her from swimming is very admirable. Even when she was recovering from surgery, she did what she could while her body healed and she was able to join her lane mates again.

A few years ago, Morven announced that she wanted to make herself into a backstroker. It was inspiring to watch her practice and practice her backstroke until now it is nearly as fast as her freestyle. Her tenacity in mastering this stroke was something to behold.
Because Morven embodies what Masters Swimming is all about, she inspires me in the pool and out.

– Karen Anderson


One Comment on “Morven Inglis inspires me!”

  1. Claudia Sperling says:

    I agree whole-heartedly!!

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