Samira Rusman is my swimspiration

Samira came to Canada in 1999 as a refugee of the Bosnian war with her son (then 6 and half years old), in search for a better life. She first lived in Richmond, B.C., working two jobs with barely enough English to get by, no drivers licence, and work experience. She studied her son’s school books until she felt confident enough to go to college. It was her way of moving forward.

She lived in Richmond for six years and then moved to Nanaimo with her family. She finished her education at Malaspina College and now works in health care as a sterile supply technician in Nanaimo Regional General Hospital. She bought her own place nd a new car. With her son now grown up she realized it was time to start doing again something she always loved – swimming.

Samira, a national level swimmer, was forced to give up swimming because of the war in her country. Now, almost 25 years later she has joined the Nanaimo Ebbtides Master Swimming Club and started competing again. Her first competition was in Vancouver, November 2012

When Samira started competing in lakes and the ocean she realized her swimming could be used to help raise money for those in need. Her first open water swim was the Thetis Lake Swim for MS where she swam 5km. She later swam from Gabriola Island to Nanaimo to raise money for kids with cancer. Motivated by her friend’s granddaughter who is suffering from leukemia, she swam the 7km event in 1 hour and 45 minutes and raised $3,000.00.

Samira recently told me that “My life is good now so I am now able to help others.”

– anonymous


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