MSABC’s 2014 English Channel Relay Team

“The Georgia Girls & 2 Strait Guys”, a team of MSABC swimmers who met while swimming the Salish Sea (Georgia Strait from Sechelt to Nanaimo), will be attempting to swim the English Channel this summer. The relay team has a window from July 20 to 26 in which to become the second team from BC to swim the Channel. Training has included five years of swimming the Salish Sea, and the team is looking forward to their “Everest”.

The Georgia Girls & 2 Strait Guys has received support and encouragement from Masters Swimmers Brent Hobbs and Rod Craig. Both are successful English Channel solo swimmers. As the Channel Swimming Association requires adherence to strict rules, the team will be swimming without wetsuits. Each member is required to swim for only one hour and the team faces disqualification if they cannot complete the swim in the assigned rotation order.

Team Aquatics, a long-time supporter of Masters Swimming, has generously provided us with swim parkas which will no doubt be welcome warm-up attire!

Swimmers left to right Jim Close, Bill Burton, Susan Simmons and Karen Tannis

Two important new Directives from MSABC

Your MSABC Board of Directors would like to make the membership aware of two important changes that will affect registration for the 2014 FINA World Championships and future competitions:

1. FINA does not recognize unattached swimmers in sanctioned swim meets. In accordance with FINA MASTERS Rule 3 which states that all swimmers must represent clubs, the leadership within FINA Masters has stated that future FINA World Records and FINA Top 10 times will not be recognized if there are unattached swimmers in the meet. MSABC has therefore taken all B.C. unattached swimmers and placed them in the Dogwood Masters Swim Club (DOGW). The Kelowna Provincials was the first meet where all MSABC unattached swimmers swam under the DOGW banner. MSABC meet results in future will not show any unattached swimmers.

2. In January 2014, Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) made a request to all provincial organizations to have swimmers registering for the ’15th FINA World Masters Championships’ in August represent their own clubs and not ‘Superclubs’ like our own MSBC. FINA MASTERS Rule 3 specifically forbids swimmers representing countries or Federations, but does not specifically deal with ‘Superclubs’ formed by Canadian provinces or US states. As the host country, MSC would like to have all Canadian swimmers registered and swimming for their regular club. The MSBC issue was discussed at length at our Board meetings and again with our interested members at the April AGM in Kelowna, and your MSABC Board understands that some members do not agree with our decision. We acknowledge that this policy decision will result in swimmers from small B.C. clubs not being able to swim on ‘relay day’ but, after full consideration, your MSABC Board supports the MSC request. We therefore request that MSABC members registering for FINA Worlds do so under your current club affiliation. For those who have already registered as MSBC, you have until June 1st to change your club affiliation. For the information of our membership, MSC has also asked that swimmers registering for the 2014 FINA Worlds not change clubs during the summer. The MSC request is below:

Registration for 2014 FINA World Masters Championships

Between close of 2014 FINA registration on June 1, 2014 and the close of the 2014 FINA events on August 10, 2014, swimmers are expected to compete only for the club under which they have registered for 2014 FINA. This will help minimize the optics of jumping between clubs in the months prior to Worlds.

Gilles Beaudin / President MSABC

Eulah Varty is my swimspiration

Eulah Varty joined the Cowichan Aquannis Masters in 1989, when she returned to Duncan, BC after living in various parts of the World.

As Eulah didn’t have the opportunity to receive any proper coaching, she decided to be her own coach.

Joining the Masters Swim Program in Duncan, BC, with coach Mary-Lou Monteith, Eulah took to the water with an incredible amount of enthusiasm & determination.

Back then, during the winter season, Eulah would spend many days skiing, dash home for a quick dinner and then off to the pool.

During the Summer months her pre-warm up would be a good run and then finish off the day doing the MS pool work out.

As we all must, Eula’sh routines changed, and she now focuses on pool work outs 5 days or more a week.

Eulah & her husband Bill travel the world, and before leaving home, Eulah signs up for various swim meets all over the planet.

As they often stay for several months in one place, Eulah is well known and has developed many international friendships.

Eulah has, & still does, participate in Many National & World swim meets and has earned many gold, silver & bronze medals.

In April, 2014 Eulah swam in the Australian National Swim Meet and sat an Australian record in 50 fly age group 80 – 84.

Way to go Eulah!

– Submitted by Lis Farrell