MSABC’s 2014 English Channel Relay Team

“The Georgia Girls & 2 Strait Guys”, a team of MSABC swimmers who met while swimming the Salish Sea (Georgia Strait from Sechelt to Nanaimo), will be attempting to swim the English Channel this summer. The relay team has a window from July 20 to 26 in which to become the second team from BC to swim the Channel. Training has included five years of swimming the Salish Sea, and the team is looking forward to their “Everest”.

The Georgia Girls & 2 Strait Guys has received support and encouragement from Masters Swimmers Brent Hobbs and Rod Craig. Both are successful English Channel solo swimmers. As the Channel Swimming Association requires adherence to strict rules, the team will be swimming without wetsuits. Each member is required to swim for only one hour and the team faces disqualification if they cannot complete the swim in the assigned rotation order.

Team Aquatics, a long-time supporter of Masters Swimming, has generously provided us with swim parkas which will no doubt be welcome warm-up attire!

Swimmers left to right Jim Close, Bill Burton, Susan Simmons and Karen Tannis


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