To All Coaches, Team Managers, Presidents, and Equipment Managers;

July 11, 2014

Team Aquatic Supplies

We hope that you’ve had a successful 2013-2014 season and that your team is growing as you head towards the coming season. Team Aquatic Supplies is growing and changing and we’re excited about the future!

The big news for TAS is our new web store is almost ready to go LIVE!! We’re condent the new features and functionality will improve the shopping experience for you, your team members and the whole swimming community. We believe we’ve built a site that will make your lives easier, while providing better access and pricing to your members.

Our new site is built on one of largest and strongest retail platforms in the e-commerce world. A key feature for teams is the team sales portal. Each team can request its own Team page allowing teams to create custom group equipment lists. With this feature you’ll select the items you want your swimmers to have and then let them take care of the ordering, purchasing and delivery. Instructions for requesting a team sales page and how to set it up will be sent to you shortly after the site goes live.

There are some changes to the purchase and discount process, and we need to get the message out before going live. Our new site works on a coupon code system, a very common platform for e-commerce/ internet shoppers. Your clubs existing user account and login will no longer be valid on the new site and we encourage everyone to create their own personal account when they visit the site.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be contacting you with your Team Managers Coupon Codes. This code allows your Team Manager and other designated club ocials to buy at the Team Price. You should keep this code private; it is intended for Club use only. We’ll also send you a Members Coupon Code. This allows your members to buy at 20% o retail. All purchases from the Members code will contribute to a credit on your account that will be calculated at the end of the season. The Members code is taking over for the Friends and Family program; all the features and conditions are the same. Once the new site goes live,
existing user accounts and logins will no longer be valid. The members will need the new codes to get the discounts. We’ll be sending along a set of simple directions for how to use the site for both managers and members.

We are really excited about the launch and hope that you’ll be happy with the changes. Keep an eye out for the codes and pass them along when they come in.


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