Swim in Maui in March

Looking for a good does of vitamin D topped up with a great dose of swimming? Infinity Swimming is headed back to Maui – March 2015.

Join masters swimmers from across the province for a week-long swim camp at the outdoor pool in Kihei. It’s a perfect way to prepare for the Provincial Championships.

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Welcome to Infinity Swimming

Join us for OTTERMANIA

Come one, come all and join in the fun, swim like you know you can, swim your long course personal bests, bring your spouses and families and enjoy a glorious weekend in sunny Richmond. Join us for OTTERMANIA November 29th, 2014.

Watermania, where OTTERMANIA is to be held, is situated in a major entertainment complex in southeast Richmond and the complex boasts a 5/10 pin bowling alley, cinemas, ice-rinks, Holiday Inn Express where rooms have been blocked for our out-of-town swimmers and their families – see meet package for hotel details, The Old Spaghetti Factory, etc. and all parking is FREE. All these attractions are within walking distance. Apart from the main competition pool, Watermania has a wave pool, waterslides and hot tubs.

For people travelling north on Highway 99, take the first exit after you exit the Massey Tunnel and drive EAST (turn right) on Steveston Highway (it is actually a road not a highway) and drive to the end of the road. For people travelling south on Highway 99, take the last exit before the Massey Tunnel and turn left (heading east) into Steveston Highway and drive to the end of the road.

We look forward to welcoming you and being your hosts!

From your OTTERMANIA Organizing Committee

MSABC President’s Welcome Back!

This is my final ‘Welcome back!’ message to our membership as I commence my fourth & final year as President and as I look back at these past 3 years, I see that we, as a Board, have accomplished much:

– we revamped our web site and added a Facebook page, a Twitter account and, to replace the Bulletin, we created a ‘Blog’ that is always kept up-to-date with current swimming news & happenings from around the Province and around the World brought to us, in large part, by you, the membership. These social media programs are available from our web site (top right hand corner).

– we expanded our League Trophy competition by adding a Small team category and thus have an annual trophy & pool banner presented to our Large, Medium & Small Team high point winners of the swimming season’s MSABC sanctioned meets. To date, our beautiful League Trophy MSABC banners are hanging from the rafters of five pools around the Province serving not only as a statement of pride for those winning teams but as a calling card to the swimming public letting them know that we exist and hopefully to entice them to check us out!

– we fully embraced Open Water Swimming by hosting the first ever annual MSABC Open Water Swim Championships in 2013 in conjunction with the Thetis Lake Swim for MS. This was followed by our 2nd Annual Open Water Swim Championships in 2014 and will become an annual fixture in our yearly competition schedule.

– we introduced ‘Club Assistant’ which takes the hassle out of swim meet registrations. MSABC acts as the ‘middle man’
collecting the swimmer’s registrations and credit card payments via the Club Assistant web site and not only does MSABC send the host club a cheque for the entry fees but the swimmer’s entry information is quick & easy to download into Hy-Tek. To date, 3 clubs have asked to use this service and we are hoping that, in time, all meet hosting MSABC clubs will take advantage of this great time saver!

Much still has to be done and we have a number of pokers in the fire but that is the job of your MSABC Board – to keep your Association running smoothly, anticipating & dealing with events & situations that inevitably occur each year. We typically have 4 face-to-face Board meetings per year that last well over 6 hours so a lot of discussion takes place with some topics coming to a conclusion and others being pushed forward for more discussion. What I have found to be very interesting, in my years on the Board, is that I have more then once gone into a meeting with my mind set on a certain topic only to be convinced otherwise. Being a member of this Board as a Director for 4 years and as your President for this my 4th year has been a very rich & rewarding experience and one that I will treasure forever as it has taught me much about human interaction & team-work. I would strongly recommend to those in our membership who are looking to play a bigger part in MSABC and have a vision of what direction they would like to see our Association take, to think seriously about running for a Director’s position at the next AGM – an Association is only as strong as it’s membership!

In closing, I would like to thank the Board for their continuous hard work and commitment to making MSABC the strong Association that it is and, with it’s ongoing search for innovative programs, a model for other Provincial Associations.

To our membership – whether you are a swimmer eager to compete or you are the bulk of our membership that just swims for health & fitness, I hope this new swim season continues to put a jump in your step and a smile on your face!

Gilles Beaudin
President MSABC