Jeanne’s Challenge

Many of you have met Jeanne Carlsen and know that she is a great swimmer and a wonderful person. Right now she is in the fight of her life against pancreatic cancer. She is in the hospital in Calgary and, proof of her fighting spirit, she is still aiming to walk 10000 steps every day.

Here’s a few quotes from the blog she keeps:

Nov.19: I can’t believe the difference from one day to the next, one day I do 7400 steps, then the next I only hit 268!!! I am just over 2000 now at 6:20am, feeling much better today. Did a few arm exercises while I was in the hall as well.

Nov. 20: Closed the day out yesterday at 8204 steps. Just did a little legs while they changed my bed, but really feeling the lack of food this morning.

And finally today: They will be doing the stent procedure today sometime, so will allow us to drain the stomach when we need to. Only downside is that I will no longer be able to swim or even take a bath!!!!

Jeanne was planning in taking part in the 100 X 100 Challenge that she has organized for New Year’s Day. It looks like she will not be able to swim but you can swim for her: we’re having a Jeanne’s Team 100 X 100 Challenge in Victoria on New Year’s Eve – sign up here.

If you can’t make it to the swim, please consider donating to Jeanne’s efforts to raise money for cancer research – you won’t even need to dump a bucket of ice water over your head, just go to Jeanne’s website and make your donation.

Thanks for supporting my dear friend Jeanne,
Danielle Brault


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