Farewell Jeanne Carlsen

Dear Friends,

Sadly this note will bring you the news that Jeanne’s journey has come to an end.

On Tuesday just after 5 pm Jeanne left us. Right up to the day, her determination drove her to enjoy her life, family and friends to the fullest. She has moved on to ‘Greener Acres’.

She was surrounded by her family. Glenn, Kristopher, Laura-Kaye, Erika & Gunnar were at her side and supported her lovingly while she passed peacefully.

She was an inspiration to all of us, we will all miss her dearly.

The support she received from every one of you gave her the inspiration and love which helped sustain her. Glenn expresses a huge appreciation for the encouragement and comfort that you showed daily in contributing to this journal.

Let’s carry her journey through to the “100-100’s” on January 1!!
Her family requests no flowers to her home, but if you are so inclined they would prefer a donation to JEANNE’S TEAM at albertacancer.ca Search for Jeanne’s Team, to bring you to 2015 JTSFPC to make a donation or on Facebook search; Jeanne’s Team – Swim for Pancreatic Cancer

Race on Jeanne!!!
We love you.
Kirsty and Sandy


4 Comments on “Farewell Jeanne Carlsen”

  1. Aart Looye says:

    Very sad to hear the news, Jeanne was a great ambassador for swimming throughout Canada and the world. The Master Swim community will greatly miss her. RIP Aart Looye

  2. Carole says:

    Thoughts with Glenn and family and her mom Kaye.. A big hole in masters swimming.

  3. Conny Stamhuis says:

    Jeannie, you will be in my heart for the rest of my life.

  4. Karina Younk says:

    This is sad news to hear. Jeanne was a true inspiration to many. I will always remember the time I had the chance to swim in the lane next to Jeanne for an 800 m competition in Comox. I knew I would be lapped several times but it was an honour to swim next to a woman I idolized. When I saw Jeanne later in the Comox pub, I asked if we could have a picture together and I mentioned to Jeanne that I didn’t have to count because I knew she would be lapping me at every 200m. Jeanne’s response? “Yes, I didn’t have to count either… you were my rabbit.” Forever proud to have been Jeanne’s rabbit (even though I was a very slow moving one).

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