Swimspired by She Who Has the Triple D Factor

There are so many things that inspire each and every one of us. As with many people I find record breakers and world champions amazing to watch but what I find truly inspiring are the people with the triple D factor: discipline, dedication and determination. Jen Gunning is such a person.

Jen has been swimming with Victoria Masters for a few years. She is new to organized swimming.

From the day Jen started with the club she embraced the sport, her team and the swimming community whole heartedly. Jen comes to every practice early, enthusiastically and a great big smile on her face. She works hard in the pool and does not shy away from the challenge or learning something new.

Last year Jen participated in Infinity Swimming’s Maui Swim Camp challenging herself with at least double the mileage she is accustomed to.

Jen can also be seen on deck at swim meets. Diving into the swim meet scene as an adult swimmer can be a bit intimidating for newbies. As with workouts Jen has risen to the challenge participating in several individual events as on a number of relays. She continues to improve and has shown herself to be a self-disciplined swimmer with a lot of determination.

Jen has also given a great deal back to the swim community, volunteering her home and time to the Victoria Masters for their Christmas party.

What swimspires me most about Jen is that she constantly reminds me what masters swimming is all about – Fun, Fitness, Friendship and Participation.

Thanks Jen!

– submitted by anonymous


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