This year’s League Trophy race is heating up!

MSABC League Trophy

Team point results from last week’s Victoria Masters Annual Swim Meet have created quite a race in two of the three League Trophy categories! With only 2 meets remaining that count towards this award; English Bay’s ‘Love to Swim’ on the 15FEB and the Burnaby Dynamo Swim Meet on the 04APR, it may come down to the wire for this years winners to be known!

In the Large Team category, Victoria Masters have pulled almost even with English Bay and, if they send a large contingent to either of our last 2 meets, Okanagan Masters could make this race that much tighter!

  1. Large Teams (81+)
  2. English Bay Swim Club 4911
  3. Victoria Masters 4801
  4. Okanagan Masters 3095
  5. UBC Masters 1673

In the Medium Team category, for a third year running, baring phenomenal numbers from other teams showing up at either of our last 2 meets, Winskill Otters have pretty well locked up first place. Here’s a thought .. what if a team that wins 3 years in a row, despite their overall team membership, be moved into the next category for 1,2 or 3 years to give their rivals a chance to take top spot and hang the League Trophy banner in their home pool? I’m sure that Winskill Otters would give both English Bay & Victoria a run for their money in the Large Team category! It’s just a thought .. 🙂

  1. Medium Teams (26-80)
  2. Winskill Otters 4448
  3. White Rock Wave 1831
  4. North Shore Masters 1792
  5. Delta Retreads 1142

In the Small Team category, we have another tight race! Winner of the last 2 years, Hyde Creek Masters are trailing perennial runners up Semiahmoo with Squamish Titans not too far behind. These final 2 meets will be very interesting for the final standings in this category!

  1. Small Teams (1-25)
  2. Semiahmoo 1228
  3. Hyde Creek Masters 1088
  4. Squamish Titans 904
  5. Navy Masters 754

I have listed the top 4 teams in each category but you can check out the full listing and background info for the League Trophy on the MSABC web site

I hope to see large numbers at both EBSC’s ‘Love to Swim’ (15FEB) and the Burnaby Dynamos Swim Meet (04APR) and, of course, at this year’s MSABC Provincial Championships being held in Nanaimo (24-26APR)!

Gilles Beaudin
President MSABC


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