2015 Stan Powell Memorial Award

The award, given in memory of Stan Powell, goes to an individual who has contributed to the betterment of Masters Swimming in British Columbia and/or service to Masters Swimming.

The top three nominees for 2015 are:

Shelia Campbell
Sheila was one of the founding members of the WCMSC and has served as president of the club since it’s beginning, She was a member of the 2012 Nationals committee and swam in some events. She hypes swimmers up getting them ready for their swims, checks on swimmers when they are ill, and has been a great recruiter . For the longest time you would show up for morning practice and see Sheila folding towels or doing something as a volunteer for the YM/YWCA before she got into the water.

Jim Close
Jim has been volunteering for Vancouver Open Water Swimming Association since 1998 the year he turned 50. He has served in various capacities both as director and table officer for the last 15 years. He has also served as the race day co-ordinator for atleast half a dozen events. Jim was previously director and table officer for BC open water swim association and was the Swim BC open water rep for several years. He has also helped organize three Georgia Strait crossings and continues to encourage people to swim across our incredible water ways.

Keith Kendal
Keith has many, many years of service with MSABC, keeping our accounts in. Keith is also the MSC treasurer, a position he’s also held for many years. Keith is very quiet about all the work and time he spends volunteering for Masters swimming and swimming in general. We don’t know everything Keith has done for MSABC over the years but we know he has volunteered a significant amount of time in BC and across Canada.

The 2015 Stan Powell Memorial Award winner is Shelia Campbell

Sheila was one of the founding members of the WCMSC as well has served as president of the club since it’s beginning, Sheila was also a member of the 2012 Nationals committee involved in putting on the 2012 MSC Nationals where she spent many hours during the meet working as a volunteer as well as swimming some events. Sheila also volunteered where ever she could for the years before WCMSC with the Okanagan Masters,

Sheila is always the one that hypes the swimmers up and gets them ready for their swims, Shelia has been a great recruiter of new swimmers.

Sheila always has time to check on swimmers that have been ill or injured to see how they are doing as well she is the first to make sure there are more than enough rooms books for out of town meets. For the longest time you would show up for morning practice and see Sheila folding towels or doing something as a volunteer for the YM/YWCA before she got into the water.

Even when Shelia was injured she always did more than her share for the rest of the swimmers.

2015 Ted Simpson Achievement Award

The Ted Simpson Achievement Award goes to a registered MSABC Masters Swimmer with distinguished results in the current year swim season, improvement in personal best times or overcoming injury, illness and/or disability.

This years top three nominees are:

Alex Cape
Last year, Alex tore her ACL while playing hockey. After the injury she continued to train for a 70 km solo swim Cowichan Lake which she completed last summer. This year she trained she underwent surgery in January . She was out of the water no more than 2 weeks and is now training for a 105km swim.

Annelle Harmer
Annelle embodies everything that is great about masters swimming. It was in her mid-thirties that she discovered Masters Swimming and since that time has become a force in the women’s mid and distance freestyle. Over the past few years she has suffered a number of personal tragedies. Through it all, swimming remained her constant, her life saver. And this year she has been able to put all of her energies back into her passion with amazing results.

Colleen Nelson
Colleen is one of those quiet swimmers who has achieved great results over the years. She is ranked first in the world in 2014 for the 50 breaststroke and in the top 10 for 8 other events. She won the 50 breaststroke at the World Championships in Montreal and she was the fastest Canadian in all her 7 events at last year’s Nationals in Windsor. Colleen also broke three Canadian records last season, in the 50 free, 100 free and 50 fly.

The 2015 Ted Simpson Achievement Award winner is Annelle Harmer

She embodies everything that is great about Masters swimming, and everything that was great about our former coach, the late Ted Simpson. This award is intended to honour not only triumphs in the pool but also triumphs in life, and she has demonstrated both. It was only in her mid-thirties that she discovered Masters swimming and, over the years, has become a force in women’s middle & distance freestyle, earning herself several FINA Top 10 Masters rankings.

These past two and a half years, though, she has gone through mental and emotional trauma that luckily few of us will ever experience .. her sister was diagnosed with a rare aggressive form of breast cancer in June of 2012, her brother was murdered in August 2012 and then her mother died in October 2012 from brain cancer. Overwhelmed with these life tragedies, the only thing that kept her going was that 6pm practice. It was the one constant in her life and one of the few things she could count on. Swimming was her church, her therapy – the one thing that she felt she still had some degree of control over. Surrounded by her teammates & coaches, she could escape, at least for that hour, into that ‘other’ place that all us swimmers go. Her sister eventually passed away in August 2014. Through it all, swimming remained her constant, her life saver and this year, she has, once again, put her all of her energies back into her passion with amazing results in the pool. She’s back!

Last Minute Details For The Banquet!

We’re busily wrapping up our last minute planning for the Masters Provincial Meet Banquet, at Vancouver Island University! And with that, a final note about some details for the evening. For all Banquet attendees, here is some important logistical information:

Banquet Location:
The banquet is being held in the Vancouver Island University Cafeteria, and guests will access the space through the VIU Welcome Centre.

Vancouver Island University:
900 Fifth St., about a 15 min walk from the pool

Welcome Centre and Cafeteria: Building 300:

Look for the Welcome Centre signage… If you see green and gold balloons, you’re in the right place! The Welcome Centre is conveniently located next to parking lot F, which brings us to our next topic…

Parking lot map
Use Lot F Red (Employee Parking, not Short Term Parking), available for general pay parking after 5pm.
Lot F is located directly in front of the VIU Welcome Centre.

BC Transit trip planner.
Cash fare is $2.50.

When to Arrive:
5:30pm: Doors open. Cash bar open.
6:30pm: Dinner is served!

Thanks to all who registered! We look forward to seeing you at the banquet.

MSABC President’s Final Message

During my past 4 years as President, I have often heard the question – ‘What does MSABC do for me & my club?’. Well, you can check out our general guidelines on the MSABC web site but, in a nutshell, if it had not been for all the dedication & hard work by former MSABC Boards up to and including it’s current Board, masters swimming in this province would not be the robust association it is today.

For our competitive swimmers, we provide sanctioning for over half a dozen swim meets throughout the year along with our annual MSABC Provincial Swimming Championships held at the end of April.

For our open water members, 3 years ago we introduced our now annual MSABC Open Water Championships held at the end of July.

We celebrate our membership by handing out a number of awards at our Provincials Awards Banquet honouring those individuals whether it be for their accomplishments in the pool or for their stewardship & leadership out of the pool – all of which speaks highly of our diverse membership!

We brought MSABC into the 21st Century by creating our ‘MSABC Blog’- a reincarnation of our old ‘Bulletin’ – but now with up-to-the-minute articles that help keep you abreast of what’s happening around the Province. We also created a Facebook page for those so inclined. Both the ‘Blog’ and the FB page can be accessed by way of the MSABC web site (upper right hand corner).

The meets, our Championships, our awards, the ‘Blog’ & FB page are all meant to keep our membership ‘in touch’ with one another because I see MSABC as a ‘one-big-extended-family’! And, in order to keep this ‘family’ happy & healthy, we need a Board that is active, capable, robust & energetic.

It was not until I became a member of the Board that I realized what an important (though often time ‘invisible’) role it plays in every club’s existence. I encourage those who want to help make a difference to give some thought to putting your names forward at our upcoming AGM to be held during the MSABC Provincial Swimming Championships in Nanaimo.

As with every year, a number of Board members are stepping aside and this year we especially need members with an IT background! Positions to the Board are 2-year terms with alternating positions being offered each year so as to maintain stability. Here are the position that will be up for election this year:

  • President – 2 year term
  • VP – 1 year term *
  • Treasurer – 1 year term *
  • Secretary – 2 year term
  • Registrar – 2 year term
  • Director at Large – 2 year term
  • Director at Large – 2 year term

* these are positions for which the 2nd year of the term still needs to be completed.

Thank you for giving me the honour of leading this Association these past 4 years and I look forward to seeing a good turn out at this year’s AGM and the election of another strong MSABC Board of Directors!

Thank you!

Gilles Beaudin
President MSABC

2015 MSABC Provincials Competition: Meet A Few Of The Competitors!

We’re profiling a few Nanaimo Ebbtides swimmers who will be competing at the Provincial meet in Nanaimo, next weekend. If you’re going to be swimming at the event and would like to introduce yourself on the blog, please let us know! Contact: eerkendy@yahoo.ca

Ian Burvill

  1. How many times have you participated in the Provincials?
    33 times.
  2. What will you be competing in this year?
    Freestyle, breast stroke, and butterfly.
  3. What is your favourite stroke, an why?
    Butterfly. I am competitive in my age group (current BC record holder) and it feels great for the first 40 meters.
  4. What motivates you to compete?
    Swimming with and competing against the many swimming friends at the meets.
  5. What is your greatest accomplishment in competition?
    Setting a new BC record in both the short and long course 50 Butterfly five years ago. They still stand today but will certainly be broken next year.
  6. Standout moment of competition?
    Swimming in a relay at the World Masters Games in Sydney, AU. and finishing with a Silver medal and a fourth in the 50 Breast.

Patrick Ryan

  1. How long have you been an Ebbtides member? Why did you join? What keeps you coming back each year?
    I’ve been an Ebbtides member since the fall of 2006. I joined as I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger and I enjoyed it. I also was in need of fitness.
  2. How many times have you participated in the Provincials?
    Three times. Kamloops in 2008, Victoria in 2012, and Vancouver in 2013.
  3. What is your favourite stroke, an why?
    Shorter distances, like freestyle and butterfly. I like the shorter distance as they’re over quickly! I enjoy the IM (individual medley) as well, because it works all the strokes.
  4. What motivates you to compete?
    I like racing and trying to improve (or at least not get slower) as I get older.
  5. What is your greatest accomplishment in competition?
    Two Golds for relays at Nationals in 2010. A provincial relay record in 2012, and individual firsts at Provincials.
  6. Standout moment of competition?
    Anytime there is someone over 80 swimming, I am very impressed! There have been swimmers in their mid-90s who compete in the 800 and 1500 events. Wow!

Brittany Arruda

  1. How long have you been an Ebbtides member? Why did you join? What keeps you coming back each year?
    I have been a member for over three years, I started January of 2012. I joined the Ebbtides because I like to swim, it is the best kind of exercise and I have fun with the swimmers. The thing that keeps me coming back are meeting new swimmers, going to the meets and, of course, all the nice swimmers I have gotten to know and swimming with them!
  2. How many times have you participated in the Provincials?
    This is my first year.
  3. What will you be competing in this year?
    I am going to do the 1500 free, 800 free, 400 free, 200 free,100 free, 50 free and 100 backstroke.
  4. What is your favourite stroke, an why?
    My favourite stroke is freestyle. I like it because I have a really big kick and I am fast at it.
  5. What motivates you to compete?
    I like to beat my times, seeing other swimmers on my team competing, I also like swimming.
  6. Standout moment of competition?
    When I went to the English Bay Swim meet I was swimming the 800 freestyle and there was a swimmer in the lane next to me who was right at my pace. We were both going for first and second place and lapping the other swimmers in our heat. I got second, and ended up beating my time.
  7. What is your greatest accomplishment in competition?
    Beating my times when I am competing.

Provincials Banquet – Last Chance For Tickets!

Still not sure if you plan to attend the Provincial Meet Banquet on Saturday, April 25th in Nanaimo? Perhaps the possibility of some door prizes can entice you! We will be giving away a bunch of great prizes from our generous sponsors, throughout the evening.

But remember: Registration closes tomorrow, April 15th!

Door prize sponsors include Yellowbird Art Gallery, Sink or Swim Scuba, HtO Surf Swim & Skate Shop, and many more! MSABC has kindly donated $500 in prizes, so you may be the lucky winner of a hoodie, t-shirt, duffel bag, toques, or much more!

We’ll be giving away over 25 items from our generous sponsors throughout the evening. Banquet attendees are automatically entered to win, so be sure to get your banquet ticket when you register for the swim meet.

Banquet details:

Date: Saturday, April 25th, 2015
Time: Doors open at 5:30pm, dinner served at 6:30pm
Cost: $15 per ticket
Location: Vancouver Island University, Building 300 (Cafeteria)

How to register:

Register for the banquet when you sign up for the swim meet here.

You can view the banquet menu here

Questions? Email: Ebbtides

Hope to see you here in Nanaimo on April 25th!

Provincials Sign-up Deadline Extended!

Calling all procrastinators! Great news for you, the entry deadline for the MSABC Provincial Championships has been extended!

The entry deadline for individual and relay events will now be Friday, April 17th at 11:59pm.


This will be the ONLY extension, so get your name on the list! Unfortunately, you will only be able to purchase banquet tickets up until Wednesday, April 15th at 11:59pm as we need to provide final numbers to the caterers. PLEASE ensure that a representative from your team has contacted Kristin with your team’s relay entries PRIOR to the entry deadline. We have very few relay entries at this point!

If you choose to skip this meet, you’re going to miss out on some great stuff!

  • Oodles of door prizes for swimmers including meet clothing, MSABC clothing, Speedo backpacks and gear
  • Goody bags for all swimmers with lots of great swag
  • A chili social for all swimmers, coaches and supporters on Friday evening at the pool
  • A delicious dinner catered by the Vancouver Island University at the banquet on Saturday
  • The opportunity to witness the breaking of provincial, national and world records
  • The opportunity to socialize with your fellow MSABC swimmers, explore the beautiful Nanaimo area, meet all of the Ebbtides swimmers and volunteers who have worked so hard to put this event on and, of course, show off your speed in the pool

That’s right, you read correctly! We will be hosting a chili-cook-off social at the pool on Friday night during the distance events and directly following the end of the meet. We will have multiple chilis available and you can taste them and vote for your favorite. The chef of the best chili will win eternal pride and the respect of their fellow Ebbtides swimmers.

If you have any questions about the meet or registration, please contact Kristin.

On behalf of the entire Ebbtides swim team, we are looking forward to hosting you in a few weeks!

Kristin MacColl
Meet manager for the Nanaimo Ebbtides Masters Swim Club