A Message from the President of MSABC

Well since the AGM in April I have discovered that there is no slack season with MSABC. The new members of the board are preparing for our first face-to-face meeting in October, but have gotten to know each other a little dealing with various topics through email discussions this summer. We have made the transitions to Peter Heusel our new treasurer and Glen Mehus our new registrar and registration is underway. I think the group you elected will be able to keep Masters Swimming in BC moving smoothly through the 2015-16 season.

There is already a full seasons of meets on the calendar and I know from Emails that the North Shore team is well into preparations for Provincials in Richmond in April. Check out the schedule to see where and when you would like to race. Do to pool scheduling some meets are being held at different time than in the past but there a variety of meets from sprinting on the North shore to swimming long course in Richmond and Victoria. For swimmers who have never competed racing is a great way to let you know how your training is going and relays are a great way to interact with your teammates and just plain fun.

Some things on the MSC front. Nationals will be in Etobicoke this May, the Million Metre challenge turned 10 this year and elections for MSC Board positions are coming up. This summer MSC asked us for an Interim Board member to replace Keith Kendal of Victoria who stepped down in April after serving as both MSC and MSABC treasurer for a long period. Susan Simmons stepped in but will need to run for a position in this falls elections. It is important that we have representation at the National level and clubs will need to get the word out to elect Susan and anyone else from BC who chooses to run. Nominations close on Sept 24th so I will let you know who from BC besides Susan has thrown their hat into the ring and the voting process.

For those of you who have already started training, work hard toward you goals for the season. For those still waiting for your pool to come out of refit enjoy the respite and know you can make up the lost training with focus and hard work. I am looking forward to a great season of Fitness, Fun and Friendship.

Rod Carmichael