Throwback Thursday: Sports BC Masters Athlete of the Year

Originally Published March 1993 in Great Lengths
By Denis K. Crockett

In recognition of this achieving five out seven Canadian Records, Masters Swimming Association of B.C. nominated Cam Weir for the Sport B.C. Masters Athlete of the Year Award.

Candidates for the awards must have realized their achievements in the current year of sport. Nominations are made through the provincial organizations of the sport. Selection of the winners is made by representatives of the various sports media. The awards banquet is funded by the private sector and is organized by Sport B.C.

Came made the short list of three, the finalist to be named at the banquet. The banquet, held March 6, was no mean affair. Consider the ballroom of the Hotel Vancouver – standing room only! The capacity crowd was a “who’s who” in B.C. amateur sport. TV vignettes of all winners were large screened to the assembled guests and later broadcast publicly.

This was the 27th Amateur Athlete of the Year Awards Banquet. Imagine Cam was a mere lad of 54 when the group began!

Masters swimmer Cam Weir, at age 81, was chosen as Masters Athlete of the Year … no sports barred!

Congratulations Cam!

Know someone deserving of an award. Nominate them for an MSABC Award. Email the president for more information.


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