MSABC Bylaw Updates


A recent  Societies Act change requires that all not-for-profits have their bylaws available in electronic format. This has prompted the board of directors to not only digitize but also modernize MSABC’s bylaws.

As we work through the bylaws at top of mind is MSABC’s past, present and future.  Our current bylaws were last reviewed in 2000 and certain aspects have since become irrelevant.  In addition, Governance is in need of  modernization to reflect current best practices.

Our end goal is to create user friendly, plain language bylaws that will help guide us through the various processes under which we operate.  Bylaws are the backstop to  the policies that govern our very dynamic organization.

In early April 2016 we will publish the proposed changes to the bylaws for your review.  Ultimately the board will ask you to vote  on the adoption of the new bylaws at this year’s AGM in Richmond.

MSABC Quickies



Please don’t forget to submit your nominees to the Board of Directors for the Ted Simpson Achievement Award and the Stan Powell Memorial Service Award. For more information go here.