Adult Lifesaving Program – West Vancouver

Submitted by Melissa Goddard for MSABC Members

The idea behind the Adult Lifesaving Program was to give adults the opportunity to take the Bronze program courses (Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross) with participants that are similar in age. Previous feedback that was given was it was a challenge to do the course with kids/youth. It could be for those who are recently retired and are looking for a job with flexible hours and want to try aquatics, if they work around the water or go to lakes, oceans or other bodies of water and want to feel safer around the water (this could include camp leaders, daycare operators etc). It is can be a resume booster for those looking to get into firefighting as some municipalities requires Bronze Cross.
We have included Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid and CPR-C so it is a one stop shop and they will be a certified lifesaver and also have all of the prerequisites to go into the lifeguarding programs and some coaching swimming level.
There is a fitness/physical component to the courses as there will be a distance swim, victim supports, carries and removals, treading water etc. Masters swimmers will have an advantage as they are already strong swimmers. Karen Hillmann will be the instructor and brings with her over 30 years of experience teaching all levels of first aid, lifesaving and lifeguarding courses.
The course will be running September 26th –  December 12th from 5 – 9:30pm. Registration for it will open Wednesday August 10th.
If any other questions arise they are more than welcome to email or call me about. My direct line is 604-925-7215 and email is