Important Information from your MSABC Board of Directors

Your MSABC Board of Directors met recently, and would like to pass on some important information to the membership:

  1. Masters Swimming Canada (MSC) would like to have a western club host the Canadian Masters Swimming Championships in May 2019. The host would have to have a minimum of a 50m pool that could run a double-ended 25m event. Any Masters Swim Clubs interested are encouraged to contact Rod Carmichael for more information.
  2. MSABC Board is soliciting interest in hosting our Provincial Championships in April 2018. Kelowna will be hosting Provincials 2017, so teams from Vancouver Island or the Lower Mainland are encouraged to contact Rod Carmichael for more information.
  3. CBC recently did a story on our oldest competitive swimmer, Fred Schulhof. You can see the story here:
  4. MSABC Board will be awarding the Ted Simpson Achievement Award and the Stan Powell Memorial Service Award at the 2017 Provincials Banquet. Nominations can be sent in anytime and the earlier the better. Nominations will close 31 March 2017. Details on the awards can be found here: Awards feel free to contact Rod Carmichael for more information.
  5. MSABC Board will need some new members to get voted in at the April 2017 AGM:
    President – Rod does not intend to run again
    Secretary – Brenda does not intend to run again
    Communications – Position currently vacant. Anyone interested in that position could be appointed by the board and commence immediately
    Treasurer and 2 Director-at-Large positions will also be elected.

Adult Lifesaving Program – West Vancouver

Submitted by Melissa Goddard for MSABC Members

The idea behind the Adult Lifesaving Program was to give adults the opportunity to take the Bronze program courses (Bronze Medallion and Bronze Cross) with participants that are similar in age. Previous feedback that was given was it was a challenge to do the course with kids/youth. It could be for those who are recently retired and are looking for a job with flexible hours and want to try aquatics, if they work around the water or go to lakes, oceans or other bodies of water and want to feel safer around the water (this could include camp leaders, daycare operators etc). It is can be a resume booster for those looking to get into firefighting as some municipalities requires Bronze Cross.
We have included Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross, Standard First Aid and CPR-C so it is a one stop shop and they will be a certified lifesaver and also have all of the prerequisites to go into the lifeguarding programs and some coaching swimming level.
There is a fitness/physical component to the courses as there will be a distance swim, victim supports, carries and removals, treading water etc. Masters swimmers will have an advantage as they are already strong swimmers. Karen Hillmann will be the instructor and brings with her over 30 years of experience teaching all levels of first aid, lifesaving and lifeguarding courses.
The course will be running September 26th –  December 12th from 5 – 9:30pm. Registration for it will open Wednesday August 10th.
If any other questions arise they are more than welcome to email or call me about. My direct line is 604-925-7215 and email is


Ted Simpson and Stan Powell Award Nominees

Be sure to come to the banquet at the Provincials and find out who wins the Ted Simpson and Stan Powell Awards

Ted Simpson Award Nominees

Aart Looye

If any of you ever wondered whether you could make a change, accomplish something difficult, confront your own fears, make your dreams happen – look no further than Aart. Aart had a stroke, paralyzing his left side, February 2015 and that’s not keeping him on the couch. He swam in the 55+Games in August 2015 and in the Love to Swim EBSC meet in February. He swims freestyle and backstroke one armed. He is a huge inspiration to many.

Connie Stamhuis

More information to come.

Stan Powell Award Nominees

Khosro Mansuri

Khosro lives and breathes swimming.

Coaches Canadian Dolphins, West Van otters and North Shore masters. Introduced Masters for kids program on North Shore. Started North Shore Masters. Bought at his own expense electronic timing system currently used 20 times a year for Masters and kids meets. Manager for North Shore masters meet, 55+ games and Provincials.
Understands the club Assistant. At his own expense converted the North Shore Masters website to Team Unify for better communication and services.

Julie Jones

The important person no one ever sees.  Julie has been the MSABC records person forever.  She is the one who makes sure your BC, Canadian and world records are filed with the proper person to be certified.  She is the one who is responsible for all of then Certificates that come your way after the above work is done,  She has gone from receiving a bag of paper applications  after every meet in BC and beyond to currently being flooded  with e files week after week.

If you only realize after the fact you were successful she guides you through who to ask for what so your small piece of Fame is recorded. She has been doing this so long that no one but Julie (maybe Dennis) knows when she started.  Years of work put in by a volunteer that never  asks for help.

Notice to MSABC Members


MSABC is currently seeking the assistance of two members for 1 to 2 hours to review our bookkeeping for the past year. If you are attending the Provincial Championships and are vailable to help please contact our treasurer Peter Heusel


MSABC is currently seeking volunteer board members for the upcoming year. The following positions are up for election:

  • Vice President
  • Director of Communications
  • Registrar
  • Director at Large

Please contact Rod Carmichael for more information.

Notice of MSABC By-law Changes

Please note the MSABC has updated our By-Laws as per the request of the Registrar of Companies. We will need you, the members, to confirm you are ok with the updated by-laws at our upcoming AGM.

The MSABC Annual General meeting will be held approximately 30 minutes after the conclusion of competition on Saturday, April 23rd in the Multipurpose Room at Watermania.

You can view the By-laws here.

See you at the Provincials!